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News Flash

4 minute read At first, the auto industry called them self-driving vehicles. However, it was hard for people to imagine roads filled with unmanned cars. Now,

4 minute read If you think that millennials are just sitting at home on their iPhones all day—think again. Interestingly enough, the younger generation of 18

5 minute read You’ve probably noticed that there are more electric cars on the road these days — and they look good! The good news is

4 minute read If you have a smartphone, then you probably never leave home without it. You may rely on it for navigation, to check emails

earthquake insurance

6 minute read Some people who live in earthquake-prone areas don’t think about when the next big earthquake is coming. While it does little good to

6 minute read Many people don’t understand what is not included on their standard Homeowners Insurance policy until it’s too late. Some homeowners only think short-term