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A close-up of two cars involved in a collision

3 minute read When shopping for auto insurance, some people decide to purchase only what is legally required in their state. While this route can help you

a person inspecting a car crash before filing an auto insurance claim

4 minute read To receive insurance benefits after an accident, you’ll need to file a claim. An auto insurance claim is a report you file with

A view of the 2022 LA Auto Show from above

3 minute read If you’re a car enthusiast in Southern California, you understand how influential the LA Auto Show is. Every year, thousands of people flock

a person taking a photo of a car accident

3 minute read Although required in nearly every state, auto insurance policies can sometimes be tricky to fully understand. And because policies often come with a great

a person restoring their headlights at home

4 minute read Over time, it’s normal for your car’s headlights to fog and yellow. Not only does this affect your car’s aesthetics, but it can

Parent with their teenage driver teaching them how to drive

4 minute read For teenagers, getting their license is one of life’s most exciting moments. However, with motor vehicle accidents being the second leading cause of death for