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Is Flood Damage Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

From extreme flash floods to powerful winds, storms have recently torn through many states. Whether you live somewhere that only gets a few inches of rain or somewhere that receives rain in torrents, you might be wondering if your Homeowners

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Homeowners Insurance: Do You Need Ordinance or Law Coverage?

Insurance can be a tricky part of life, especially when it comes to your home. This is because there are so many types of houses, and many of them are unique. Luckily, insurance companies know you want to protect one

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What Kinds of Disasters Does Home Insurance Cover?

You buy homeowners insurance so that you have financial protection in case an unforeseen event causes damage to your home or personal property. But, what if some major disasters weren’t covered by that policy? Exclusions in your home insurance can

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Record Rainfall Devastates South Carolina Homes, and Most Residents Don’t Have Flood Insurance

People are calling it “the thousand-year flood.” The rainfall that hit South Carolina earlier this month set records all over the state, as Hurricane Joaquin flooded entire towns and wreaked incredible damage to homes, cars and businesses. According to The

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California Drivers: Prepare For These Natural Disasters

Many have seen the tragic footage from Oklahoma after tornadoes struck the Oklahoma City area repeatedly, and it is images such as these that can make even the most carefree driver wonder what natural disasters they should be concerned about

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The Basics of Earthquake Insurance

Like most natural disasters, earthquakes can be insured against. You can buy earthquake insurance nationwide, but it is particularly important to have it in California – which is the second-most earthquake prone state in the US (the first is Alaska).

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Driving in Dangerous Weather

Did you know that the majority of auto accidents occur in perfect weather? It would seem adverse weather makes drivers more alert and careful while they’re on the road. Still, weather changes can make driving conditions dangerous. Use these tips

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Natural Disaster Coverages

Natural disasters are unpredictable and when one occurs is the wrong time to be assuming that your current homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage.  Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the damage caused by floods, earthquakes, and other

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