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A view of the 2022 LA Auto Show from above

3 minute read If you’re a car enthusiast in Southern California, you understand how influential the LA Auto Show is. Every year, thousands of people flock

a family preparing an emergency backpack together

3 minute read Each year, certain parts of the country experience some kind of extreme weather. From hurricanes to tornados, these natural events are not only

gridlock traffic los angeles

4 minute read In our article last May, you may have read about how the beginning of the pandemic drastically decreased traffic, Car Insurance rates, and

earthquake - rescue dog

4 minute read Earthquakes may be one of the scariest natural disasters out there. At least hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, and floods are often predictable. Earthquakes happen

marathon runner - annette overlook LA

3 minute read AIS Stories is a new blog series meant to highlight our talented and amazing team member’s life outside of work. Our AIS team

4 minute read Admittedly, the world of insurance is not all that glamourous. But it is an essential part of financial planning that protects you and