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car safety features

5 minute read Technology in the auto industry seems to be advancing faster than anyone can keep track. As electric vehicles and autonomous cars continue to

5 minute read From extreme flash floods to powerful winds, storms have recently torn through many states. Whether you live somewhere that only gets a few

rivian r1t

4 minute read The 2018 LA Auto Show revealed several one-of-a-kind vehicles, features and concept cars for the future. But the Rivian R1T Truck and Rivian

5 minute read Carolinians should be aware that Hurricane Florence is approaching with wind speeds of 130 mph that will likely exceed 157 mph by Thursday.

4 minute read Rebuilding your home after a destructive hurricane is not only expensive, but it’s emotionally draining. The best hope for victims of a hurricane is

4 minute read If you own a spectacular vehicle worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Pebble Beach, California is where you need to be from August 21-26.