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How Far Can Your Car Go With The Gas Light On?

3 minute read

Let’s be honest here. There are two types of people in this world when it comes to how they view the fuel gauge on their dashboard. As soon as the needle hits the half-tank mark, the first type of driver

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Why This Year is the Best Year to Save on Your Auto Insurance

4 minute read

Admittedly, the world of insurance is not all that glamourous. But it is an essential part of financial planning that protects you and your assets against the unexpected. This year marks a unique time in the insurance industry. We continuously

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Buying or Leasing: How Does It Impact Auto Insurance?

4 minute read

Are you looking to shop for a new car this year? Before you head over to the dealership, there’s lots of planning to consider. Once you’ve narrowed down your dream car list, it’s time to decide how exactly you’ll be

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12 Life Milestones That Affect Your Auto Insurance Policy

5 minute read

Life is truly a journey. As each year passes, most of us eagerly anticipate the next big milestone in our lives, like buying a new car, starting a family, or getting ready to retire. Some life events occur naturally, like

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Winter Maintenance Checklist: How to Prepare Your Car for the Winter

4 minute read

Winter-proofing your car is pivotal if you care about prolonging your vehicle’s health and saving money. The long days of summer are behind us and the days are shorter as winter approaches, so plan ahead and be ready when temperatures

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Understanding the Liability Insurance Limits on Your Auto Policy

4 minute read

Many drivers often look to save on their monthly premiums by only purchasing their state minimum Liability Insurance. But have you seen your state’s required Liability coverage recently? It’s probably a lot less than you think and may not provide

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