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The Life Cycle of Your Car & How it Affects Auto Insurance

5 minute read

In the United States, having a car is just a part of life. Public transportation is limited in most places, so having your own vehicle is essential to getting where you need to go. Some people have their cars for

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The Benefits of Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

3 minute read

Is your vehicle’s warranty about to run out? Then, you might be considering purchasing either an extended warranty or Mechanical Breakdown Coverage. However, you might be confused about which one is the better option. We’re here to help you figure

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Here’s Why Everyone is Moving to Texas and How AIS Can Help

4 minute read

Have you noticed that more and more people are moving to Texas? Maybe not everyone is, but many people are becoming interested in the Lone Star State. So, what does Texas have to offer that other highly populated states don’t?

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8 Signs It’s Time To Get A New Car (And Which Cars To Avoid Buying)

6 minute read

Has your car been making a weird noise lately? Then, it might be time to trade it in for a newer model. Depending on just how long you’ve owned your car, you may have already paid it off. That’s a

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Get Ready for the Great California ShakeOut

4 minute read

It’s the 11th anniversary of the Great California ShakeOut, which takes place this year on October 17th at 10:17 A.M! Everyone is encouraged to participate in this earthquake drill, whether you’re at home, work or school. The main goal of

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3 Ways AIS Can Lower Your Car Insurance Rate

4 minute read

It’s true that Car Insurance rates may increase due to many factors outside of our control. Advanced car technology, more distracted drivers on the road and higher medical costs are just a few examples of the factors that go into determining the rates set by insurance

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