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5 car movies to stream

5 Car Movies Worth Streaming This Weekend

3 minute read

Can’t figure out what to stream on your smartphone, laptop or smart TV this weekend? Take a break from the overwhelming amount of new TV shows and movies and instead choose one of these classics. From drag racing to car chases, we’ve compiled a shortlist of movie classics that might just become your new favorites. Each film has more to offer than only cars, too, as they include the actors you already know and love. Did we hear someone say Tom Cruise or Paul Walker?Read More »5 Car Movies Worth Streaming This Weekend

Kids, Cars and Heatstroke

4 minute read

This summer has been hot, hot, hot! That means you need to be extra careful about what—and who—you leave in the car. We all know that you should never leave an infant, child or pet in the car under any circumstances. Not even for a minute. However, it’s especially important to remember this in the summer. Will you be driving infants or children around this summer? If the answer is yes, there are several things you need to know about heatstroke, your car and how it reacts in heat. Check out our useful facts and tips to learn how you can keep your young passengers safe and cool during the summer months.Read More »Kids, Cars and Heatstroke