4 minute read It’s the 11th anniversary of the Great California ShakeOut, which takes place this year on October 17th at 10:17 A.M! Everyone is encouraged

ais can save you money on car insurance

4 minute read It’s true that Car Insurance rates may increase due to many factors outside of our control. Advanced car technology, more distracted drivers on the road and higher

dui charges in california

5 minute read Everyone knows that they shouldn’t drink and drive, or else they are risking a DUI. But, did you know that there are several

5 minute read Let’s say you were to do two quick Internet searches. One asks, “what are the best auto insurance companies?” The other asks, “what

drunk drivers at party

4 minute read The holidays are something that everyone looks forward to during the year. You get to spend time with loved ones, share your favorite

increasing auto insurance rate

4 minute read Did you check your bank statement last month and see an increase in your Auto Insurance rate? Insurance providers typically review policies at