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A motorcycle rider on a scenic motorcycle ride

3 minute read With its endless coastlines, barren deserts, and breathtaking mountain tops, it’s no secret that California is one of the best states for coasting

A college student preparing to leave to school

4 minute read Seeing your child graduate and head off to college is an exciting moment in a parent’s life. However, no matter where they’re going,

electric car plugged into a charging station

3 minute read Over the past year, electric vehicle sales have surged as drivers seek to combat rising fuel costs and be more environmentally friendly. With numerous advantages

Insurance agent speaking with a young couple about important documents like an sr22

3 minute read After your California driver’s license has been suspended due to a serious traffic violation, you may be required to prove you have auto

Person signing car rental documents in order to rent a car. Keys are on the table.

3 minute read Getting into an accident is already stressful enough, but being left without a car while your vehicle is repaired only makes the situation

Motorcycle rider on the road. View is from the point of view of the motorcyclist.

4 minute read Spring is finally here, which means warmer weather perfect for a scenic bike ride. Although riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating thrill, it