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person looking underneath at a car's catalytic converter

3 minute read Catalytic converter theft is at an all-time high nationwide. Normally functioning as an antipollution device, the auto part is a popular target amongst

Criminal attempting auto theft in a dark lot

3 minute read It’s hard not to love California. With its large population and diverse culture, it’s no surprise that the Golden State has garnered quite

Couple reviewing their auto insurance rate.

4 minute read When it comes to auto insurance, certain circumstances usually result in your rates increasing. For example, being involved in an at-fault accident or

teen driver and her mom

4 minute read Watching your teen reach the milestone of passing their driving test may bring up more worries than excitement. How did it come to be

driving in the rain

4 minute read The winter season is approaching and that means fun holiday travel and scenic trips to snowcapped mountains to look forward to. However, it

car accident

4 minute read Who doesn’t want to pay less for car insurance? Insurance is tough because you are paying for something you hope you won’t have