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4 minute read Have you noticed that more and more people are moving to Texas? Maybe not everyone is, but many people are becoming interested in

5 minute read It’s the 11th anniversary of the Great California ShakeOut, which takes place this year on October 17th at 10:17 A.M! Everyone is encouraged

3 minute read If you just started attending college then you may have moved out of your home and into an apartment located closer to campus.

5 minute read After the recent Ridgecrest, California earthquakes, there has been a lot of buzz about “the big one” coming and how that will affect

should i buy a fixer upper

5 minute read Have you ever heard of house-flipping? It’s a new trend for people to buy homes that are in bad shape but located in

5 minute read From extreme flash floods to powerful winds, storms have recently torn through many states. Whether you live somewhere that only gets a few