4 minute read The question really should be, “How do I prevent a kitchen fire?” It’s much easier and less costly to maintain a clean and

earthquake insurance

6 minute read Some people who live in earthquake-prone areas don’t think about when the next big earthquake is coming. While it does little good to live

5 minute read Many people don’t understand what is not included on their standard Homeowners Insurance policy until it’s too late. Some homeowners only think short-term and

life insurance form

4 minute read Life Insurance is possibly the most selfless type of insurance out there. Not only does this insurance take care of burial and funeral costs,

6 minute read People buy second homes for a variety of reasons. Some want a vacation home where they like to visit yearly or even several

5 minute read Only a year ago, the thought of locking up your home (or unlocking it) remotely seemed like something out of the future. Now,