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Preventing Heat-Related Auto Breakdowns

This summer, it seems like a heatwave has been passing through every state. Temperatures have been reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in cities all over the country. So, what can you do to prevent an overheated car? There are several

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December Winter Solstice – Is your insurance up-to-date?

This past Tuesday, December 22, was the winter solstice. Did you miss it? If so, chalk it up to holiday fever and revel in the assurance that the time you spend in daylight is now increasing. About the December Solstice

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Roadside Emergency Essentials for California Driving

Because California has an abundance of climates and driving conditions, California drivers should be ready for anything. The following is a list of roadside emergency essentials for California driving.  Flashlight. Keep a small but powerful flashlight in your glove compartment.

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Roadside Assistance from AIS

The open road can be a dangerous place for the ill-prepared driver. Unfortunately, many drivers who make the mistake of not preparing for a roadside emergency become stranded in a difficult situation. Luckily, a good roadside assistance plan can keep

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Roadside Assistance Coverage v. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

What is the difference between Roadside Assistance Coverage and Mechanical Breakdown Protection? Many drivers, whether they have a car, truck, or motorhome, are not familiar with the differences between these two types of specialized coverage. Even savvy drivers may not realize

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Being Prepared and Roadside Assistance

  With summer almost here, families will be hitting the road to visit grandma and other family members or just taking a road trip.  While these trips can be fun, one thing that could ruin it, would be breaking down,

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California Roadside Assistance

Even though most parts of California don’t receive the harsh winters and cold climates like the east coast, it is still important to make sure you are prepared if your car breaks down .  When traveling, it is important to

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Roadside Assistance

One of the perks of owing a new vehicle is the warranty services that come along with it.  Most warranty services will include roadside assistance.  Roadside assistance can be beneficial if you need basic services while on the road.  If

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Should I Get Roadside Assistance Coverage?

More than likely you have experienced some sort of car trouble. Maybe it was a dead battery, a flat tire or maybe you locked your keys in the car. We’ve all been there and know that sometimes a little help

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