Rental Car Insurance in California: Is It Really Necessary?

Car insurance California

Your trip to California is going to be the highlight of the year. Not only will you be spending time on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but you will tour Hollywood and hopefully run into a

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High Risk Auto Insurance in California

Auto insurance

You started saving for your first car when you were only 13. After years of mowing lawns, babysitting, and working for minimum wage at the local corner market, you finally had enough money to do it. You purchased a shiny red

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Is Lane-Splitting Legal in California?

Lane Splitting Feature

Motorcycles are growing more popular as a main vehicle for transportation. You may have even noticed an increasing number of these motorists during your commute to work lately. Well, did you ever notice how most riders beat gridlock by weaving

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10 Terms You Need to Understand Before Buying Auto Insurance

10 terms

You always hear that it’s best to make an informed decision. Well, that saying definitely applies to auto insurance. The only problem is that for someone who’s new to car insurance, or someone actually taking a good hard look at

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Including a Teen Driver on Your California Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

California car insurance

Watching teens drive off on their own brings up all kinds of worries for most parents. Will he remember the rules of the road? Will she keep her phone put away so she isn’t tempted to use it while driving?

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Your Guide to Deductibles and California Car Insurance

California car insurance

California car insurance is something everyone in the state must have, but how do you decide what kind of coverage you need and how much of it is enough? There’s also so much unfamiliar terminology, like “at-fault,” “liability,” and “deductible.”

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Child Away at College: Will His Auto Insurance Follow Him?

When your children go away to college, you may worry about how they are doing. Is he eating right? Is she studying? Are they making friends? You may not have even thought about whether or not your family’s auto insurance

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Expert Interview Series: Steve Bordley, of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk, on Staying Active at Work

Stay active at work

Steve Bordley is the CEO of TrekDesk treadmill desk, where he oversees the company’s international infrastructure, and takes an active role in promoting the health benefits of active workspaces. We recently checked in with him to learn more about how

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Is All California Motorcycle Insurance the Same?

Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance is necessary, but rates can vary. You have had your eye on a brand new Harley Davidson for a few years. After many overtime shifts, you finally have enough for the down payment. Finally, you can stop taking

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5 Safety Tips That Lower Your California Auto Insurance

Being safe can save you money on your auto insurance in California. Your friends love to poke a little good-natured fun at you for being overly concerned about safety. You’re that person who always parks your car at the far

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