Drink, Drive, and Pay More For Auto Insurance


The message that drinking and driving is not cool and that a DUI is a serious offense is becoming clearer with each passing year and each tragic, senseless death. In 2007 alone, there were nearly 1,500 alcohol-related fatalities in the

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What Kinds of Disasters Does Home Insurance Cover?


You buy homeowners insurance so that you have financial protection in case an unforeseen event causes damage to your home or personal property. But, what if some major disasters weren’t covered by that policy? Exclusions in your home insurance can

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Surviving a Wildfire – What to Do After the Flames Are Put Out


If you were evacuated from your home due to raging forest fires, it will be an emotional experience to return after the flames are no longer burning. Chances are you’re hoping the damage wasn’t very bad while at the same

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Wait! 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy RV Insurance


Nothing says “freedom” quite like a recreational vehicle. Having the ability to travel from one place to another and still enjoy the comforts of home is very appealing. Whether you intend to explore locally or take a road trip across

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Do Auto Insurance Premiums Ever Drop?

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We all know that auto insurance rates have a tendency to go up, right? If you started driving as a teen and paid any of your own insurance costs, you’re already aware that insurance can be expensive. Make a single

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How to Prepare an Inventory of Your Home and Valuables in Case of a Wildfire


So you know you live in a dry, hot drought ridden area and you want to be responsible when it comes to wildfires. You think you have the right type of insurance, but how would you make a claim in

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It’s Good to Be Rich: Why Wealthy Drivers May Have Lower Auto Insurance Rates

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Man, it’s tough to be wealthy these days. Rich folks have to pay higher property prices in order to live in the toniest neighborhoods. Because they have an image to protect, these affluent individuals must also dress in expensive designer clothing

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Expert Interview Series: Cliff Pendell of JRCInsurancegroup.com on Insurance Trends & How to Select the Right Insurance Policy

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Cliff is the Vice President of Operations at JRC Insurance Group where he manages the day-to-day processes and operations to ensure all customers receive excellent customer service. You have over 50 years of collective experience in the insurance industry at

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Expert Interview Series: Michelle Dunn of Credit and Collections


Michelle Dunn is a 30-year debt collection and credit industry expert. She is also the author of more than 24 books on the topic and offers consulting about the debt collection and credit industry. In this interview, Michelle discusses what individuals

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Expert Interview Series: Santanu Debnath of MyDailyLifeTips.com on Insurance Life Hacks

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Santanu Debnath is a passionate blogger who loves to write about personal finance and insurance @ MoneyGyaan.com and every day life hacks @ MyDailyLifeTips.com. You wrote a blog post recently on mydailylifetips.com about term life insurance and why it’s a

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