The Best Way to Get a Car Insurance Quote as a Young Driver

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Becoming an adult means taking on an overwhelming amount of new responsibilities that include things like feeding yourself three times a day, paying your own rent, and making payments for your car insurance on time every month. You’re probably also

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California Renters Insurance: Luxury or Necessity?

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California has earned a reputation as a place where extravagance is on display all the time – from Lamborghinis and Bentleys traveling on the roads to Gucci and Manolo Blahniks adorning the ladies. Many homes in California also boast pricey

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5 Tips on Getting the Right California Boat Insurance

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Here’s a question: what do yachting near San Diego, fishing in Yosemite National Park, sailing in Marina Del Rey, and waterskiing on the Sacramento River have in common – other than they’re all boating activities in California? Answer: They’re all

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Protecting Yourself and Your Home Against Wildfires

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Most people know that California is very susceptible to wildfires, but not all of the state’s residents are prepared for when it happens. Certainly, there are preventative steps you can take to protect your home. You must also be prepared

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The 78 Safest Cars in 2016

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In baseball, there’s a certain art to stealing a base. You have to take a strong lead, get a good jump, accelerate quickly, and execute a perfect slide in order to maximize your chances of success. But there’s a truism about

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The 6 Most Expensive Collisions in History


A car accident is never without expense, but some accidents can be exorbitantly expensive due to the size of the accident and the price tag of the cars involved. Insuring the following types of cars requires special policies and costs more

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Why Texting and Driving Can Really Cost You


We have all been there: You are driving to work when you hear that infamous notification from your cell phone. You know texting and driving is dangerous but you can’t stop wondering who texted you. You battle the overwhelming temptations

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How Self-Driving Vehicles are Changing The Game of Auto Insurance


We have always dreamed of the future and what it might hold for us. When it comes to cars, our dreams have finally come true. The invention of the self-driving car is upon us and with it, our future selves.

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The Common Myths about Red Cars and Auto Insurance


“If I purchase a red car will it increase the price I pay for car Insurance?” This is a common question that many individuals ask when purchasing a car. Surprisingly to some, the answer is no. The color of your

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A Primer on Auto Insurance Repair Estimates


Your trip across the state to visit your sister was supposed to be a fun time, but on the way there you were hit by an oncoming car and sustained damages to your front end. Thankfully, you weren’t hurt, but

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