Cheap Auto Insurance in California: Getting the Coverage You Need – Part 2/3

Happy young couple with their new car.

One important step in finding affordable auto insurance in California is to learn the minimum coverage requirements for your state. For auto insurance in California, liability coverage is necessary to satisfy financial responsibility for damage or injury in the event

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Cheap Auto Insurance in California: How to Find Affordable Coverage – Part 1/3

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If you live in California, you know the cost of living isn’t cheap. Food, housing, and transportation are necessary for even the most basic existence, and you soon find ways to fit the things you need into your budget. After

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The Unique Home Insurance Needs of Your Mobile Home Investment

Retirement or trailer park holiday homes in Lancashire. AIS offers homeowner's insurance, including for mobile homes.

You’ve landed a nice job and you’re ready to move into a place of your own. As you begin to research the cost of buying a single-family home, condo or loft, you realize that your budget will not easily accommodate

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Can Auto Insurance Provide Protection Against Mechanical Breakdowns?

Couple near tow-truck picking up broken car. AIS Auto Insurance Specialists offers Roadside Assistance coverage.

If you’re like most people, you depend heavily on your car. It is the transportation you use to get to and from work, to take care of household and family necessities, and for doctor, dentist and vet appointments. It gets

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Are You On Shaky Ground? Add Earthquake Insurance for Your Home

Seismic activity graph showing an earthquake moment. At AIS, you can get protected with Earthquake insurance through us.

Living in California has lots of perks. The weather is great just about all year round, there are wineries everywhere, and jobs are high-paying compared to many other states (although the cost of living is pretty high too). Whether you

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The Truth About Auto Insurance Claim Denials

auto insurance claim form with dollar and calculator. AIS Auto Insurance Specialists offer a range of options for coverages.

When you started driving, you knew that you had to get auto insurance to comply with the law, and also to protect your property and yourself in case you were involved in an accident. You probably don’t think too much

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Getting Car Insurance Quotes? Get These Facts Straight!

Man hands holding red car isolated on white background

When you’re applying for car insurance, you want to get the lowest rate you can. If you know much about how car insurance rates are calculated, you might be tempted to be untruthful about your situation to keep your rates

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Ridesharing Insurance Will Give You Better Coverage

Ridesharing Insurance - Uber Insurance coverage chart

Is Your Lyft, Sidecar or Uber Insurance Coverage Good Enough? Since Uber and Lyft became popular a few years ago, the insurance industry has been scrambling to figure out how the liability of accidents will work. Will the company be

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Special Homeowners Insurance Considerations for Older Buildings

LOCKPORT, ILLINOIS / UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 6, 2015:  A large stucco and limestone block home in historic Lockport, Illinois.

You’ve just moved into your dream house, a Victorian that was built in the late 1800’s. It has a gorgeous porch with columns and a bay window that allows light to flood the space, and you can see yourself living

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Does Your Homeowners Insurance Have a Flood Damage Coverage Gap?

Home floating on a life preserver. Symbolizing a recovering housing economy, flood protection, home salvage , bailout, ect. You can add on flood coverage to your AIS homeowners insurance policy.

After a heavy storm, we’ve all seen images of people rowing a boat down the middle of their flooded street. These scenes keep the focus on immediate safety issues and take our minds off of the terrible damage that floods

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