A Primer on Auto Insurance Repair Estimates


Your trip across the state to visit your sister was supposed to be a fun time, but on the way there you were hit by an oncoming car and sustained damages to your front end. Thankfully, you weren’t hurt, but

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The Consequences of Choosing to Drive Without Car Insurance in California


Getting pulled over when you don’t have insurance can expose you to fines and other actions against your license. Your bills were higher than normal one month and you couldn’t pay your California car insurance. After a few weeks of

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How Does California Car Insurance for Bodily Injury Work?


You try hard to be a careful driver, but one day you glance down at your radio to tune the station and when you look up at the road, a car has stopped suddenly in front of you. Although you

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Collision or Comprehensive: Which California Auto Insurance Do You Need?

Isn't it easy to avoid the accident?

Life can be full of tough decisions. For your friend’s wedding, should you buy the designer-label gown, the sensibly-priced mini or should you just wear your little black dress again? Will you shell out money for the newest 4K big-screen TV, save a

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How to Compare California Motorcycle Insurance Options


If asked to describe a motorcycle enthusiast, many Americans probably wouldn’t use adjectives like picky or finicky. However, when it comes to motorcyclists looking for a new ride, these descriptions are spot-on. Motorcycle lovers will ask about performance specs, inspect options and

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California Car Insurance: Does Your Mileage Matter?

Car insurance

In California, the type of vehicle you drive does matter. No, we’re not talking about embracing your ride as a status symbol or a measure of your self-esteem. We’re referring to how much you pay for auto insurance. California car insurance premiums

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Why Doesn’t Your 20-Year-Old Want to Drive?


You’re sitting in the passenger seat of your mom’s car waiting for her to take you to your best friend’s house. You’re fifteen and a half. This means you can get your driver’s permit and soon you can get your

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Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Solar Panel System to Your Home

Solar Panel feature

Are you considering making your house more “green?” Do you already have solar panels and want to make sure you’re protected if they become damaged? Do you need to buy insurance for solar panels? For over a decade now, people

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Do You Really Need Loan-Lease Gap and Total Loss Replacement Coverage When Buying a Car?

loan lease gap pix

No one wants to think about the possibility of crashing and totaling a car when purchasing a new one, but it’s a reality that many people will unfortunately face. Most insurance carriers only cover the cost of the value of the

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Rental Car Insurance in California: Is It Really Necessary?

Car insurance California

Your trip to California is going to be the highlight of the year. Not only will you be spending time on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but you will tour Hollywood and hopefully run into a

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