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12 Reasons Why You Should Get a New Auto Insurance Quote

With today’s ease of cell phones, getting a new Auto Insurance quote should be a no-brainer for most people. All you have to do is go online or make a phone call to a knowledgeable AIS agent.  That agent will shop multiple rates from

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Why It’s Time to Compare Auto Insurance Rates:

Did you catch the article where Geico and Allstate are both raising their insurance premiums? When insurance companies raise their prices, customers have their choice of some options. The first is to pay the higher premium while rearranging their finances

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5 Ways to Cut Costs on your Auto Insurance

While getting the right amount of coverage is important, cost is typically a large concern for consumers.  Comparing numerous of quotes is a great way to start, but that can only save you so much. Fortunately, there are a number

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Are Hybrid Cars More Expensive to Insure?

Since their inception into the mainstream market, hybrid vehicles have been growing in popularity among consumers. Their main appeal is that they help drivers save money in fuel costs. But is that just a trade-off for more expensive insurance premiums?

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Teen Driving and Your Insurance Rates

Once your teen is of age, and ready to get behind the wheel, you will find that insuring them will raise your premiums considerably. However, there is hope.  If you and your teen follow these steps, you can keep the

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