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Prop 64: What California Drivers Need to Know about Marijuana DUI Now that it’s Legal

Even though Proposition 64 passed and recreational pot is now legal for adults 21 and older, there are still many unknowns about legal marijuana use in California. While law enforcement all through the state is ready to deal with spikes

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Drink, Drive, and Pay More for Auto Insurance

The message that drinking and driving is not cool and that a DUI is a serious offense is becoming clearer with each passing year and each tragic, senseless death. In 2007 alone, there were nearly 1,500 alcohol-related fatalities in the

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High Risk Auto Insurance in California

You started saving for your first car when you were only 13. After years of mowing lawns, babysitting, and working for minimum wage at the local corner market, you finally had enough money to do it. You purchased a shiny red

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How Does a DUI Affect California Insurance?

A DUI comes with many costs, concerns, and consequences – among them is what will happen to your car insurance. It’s not definite, but there is a very strong chance that your insurance company will raise your premium, and there

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I have a DUI. Can AIS help me get affordable coverage?

  Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs can have a detrimental affect on your personal life and finances.  Court costs, a suspended license and other fees can add up.  On top of that, when

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