5 minute read Some stores have built their reputations on the famously hectic annual Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sales. And it only gets worse as

5 minute read Halloween means lots of sweet candy, scary thrills and unique costumes. Many people go all out when it comes to decorating their home

3 minute read Insurance companies see many claims during the holiday shopping season. Items get stolen out of cars or even from beneath your beautiful Christmas tree. Even

4 minute read The question really should be, “How do I prevent a kitchen fire?” It’s much easier and less costly to maintain a clean and

4 minute read Halloween is many things to many people. For kids it’s all about dressing up, having fun with friends and eating lots of candy.

3 minute read Tomorrow is going to officially be 2016. It’s a New Year. It’s January 1 – the first day of the calendar year onto