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Spring Break Road Trip: What You Need to Know Before You Pack

Spring break comes at different times for different colleges. Usually, it takes place any time between early and late March. This year, the most popular destinations are still the same old favorites: Texas, Mexico, Florida, Las Vegas, New Orleans and

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How to Avoid Breakdowns During a Road Trip

Lower gas prices mean that many families are hitting the road again or planning their upcoming summer road trips. However, While road trips can result in much-needed family time and great memories, they can may also result in being stranded

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Things You Should Know Before Taking Your Next Road Trip

It is the call of the open road and the idea of experiencing unexpected, exciting events that makes road trips so much fun. Unfortunately, without the proper planning what could be a fun adventure could quickly turn into a nightmare.

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How to Have a Safe Road Trip

The busiest travel season is fast approaching, which means lots of flights, train rides, and of course: road trips. Of course, submitting an insurance claim under the duress of long range travel is one of the last things you’ll want

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Road Trip Preparation

Be Prepared For the Road. Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and the weather is beautiful.  What does that mean?  Road Trip!  Summer is an ideal time for vacationing.  With the price of air travel increasing, families

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