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Eye Safety: The Perfect Sunglasses for Your Holiday Getaway

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    Americans are setting travel records, with reports showing that more people took a vacation this year. Between March and April alone, nearly six million Americans took a vacation from work, showing that people are looking to take a break. If you are planning a trip this year or in the near future, one aspect you must consider is your eye safety. A study found that there is a correlation between eye health and travel, particularly international travel. The study noted that mountaineers, skiers, and beachgoers are at risk of ultraviolet (UV) keratitis, while regular travelers are more in danger of getting an eye infection. The best way to protect your eyes is to use proper eye protection, such as sunglasses, which provide both style and functionality that is essential in complementing your travels.

    However, not all sunglasses are made the same, and it’s crucial to get the right pair that fits your kind of vacation.

    City Breaks

    a couple traveling in the city

    A city break often refers to a short trip to major urban destinations. That’s why many travelers choose destinations like Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. While you will likely spend more time indoors on a city break, it still pays to protect your eyes when you do go outside.

    Due to the increased number of vehicles and windows, you will be more exposed to sun glare which can affect eye safety. Sun glare is known to cause heat headaches and increases the risk of conditions like photokeratitis. To protect your eyes and health buy sunglasses from an established brand. Their tinted lenses can filter any light directed at your vision and help you see much clearer amid bright city surroundings.

    On a city trip, consider donning a pair of Ray-Bans on your next urban escape. Popular cities like New York are often considered to be at the front of fashion, with many residents putting great emphasis on trends and style. That means getting iconic frames such as the Ray-Ban Clubmaster or Wayfarer—or their edgier Reverse versions—can be great ways to add flair to your city look while still protecting your eyesight.

    Beach Getaways

    a person with sunglasses at the beach

    When you think of a beach getaway, lounging around in the sand with shades on is an image that comes to mind. With this, the FDA highlights the importance of sun safety, from having the proper SPF sunscreen to purchasing eyewear that offers proper protection. The right sunglasses can help promote eye safety by filtering out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and decrease your risk of eye problems from prolonged UV exposure, which can cause cataract formation.

    As such, it’s best to go for glasses that offer between 99% and 100% protection from UV light. These are usually called “400-protected glasses” since they have a UV 400 rating that indicates better filtration. Additionally, you may opt for sunnies with corrosive-resistant materials, like the Maui Jim Big Wave, to avoid your glasses getting ruined by saltwater as you enjoy your time at the beach.

    Winter Holidays

    a person wearing eye goggles while snow boarding

    The winter holidays are another popular vacation period for families. Winter activities like snowboarding and skiing are also gaining traction since resorts with this kind of recreation facilities are more accessible than you might think. Ski resorts in the European Alps remain a strong contender for winter holidays, but our article highlights some of the top snowboarding destinations you can visit on the West Coast.

    When traveling during winter, wearing the proper eyewear to protect your eyes from snow, debris, and injury is essential. Polarized lenses are often used in winter eyewear to improve vision, as you can be affected by glare from the bright snow. These lenses are optimized to reduce glare, UV exposure, and discomfort. In turn, they can help avoid accidents since you’ll have a clear view of your path, with sunlight filtered to prevent obstructing your vision.

    You can even choose between sunglasses or goggles, with Zeal Optics being a popular brand that offers both. Both styles provide the same kind of lenses, so it’s up to your personal preference. However, if you’re someone who can do stunts as you go down the slopes, consider wearing goggles like the Zeal Optic Hangfire which may be the better choice as they won’t fly off midair.

    Written by Jennifer Nordstrom for AIS.

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