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Is Lane-Splitting Legal in California?

Motorcycles are growing more popular as a main vehicle for transportation. You may have even noticed an increasing number of these motorists during your commute to work lately. Well, did you ever notice how most riders beat gridlock by weaving

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5 Facts About California Motorcycle Insurance:

If you live in California, a motorcycle is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. While riding motorcycles might seem like a carefree past time, it still requires its own type of insurance. Here are five facts

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Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle

Few words can describe the rush and freedom of cruising down the road on a motorcycle. However, not just anyone can hop on and start riding. You can’t legally ride a motorbike on public roads without having a motorcycle license

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Your Next Ride There’s nothing like hopping on a motorcycle and cruising down the road with the wind in your hair on a gorgeous summer day. In fact, there are more bikes on the road during the

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Preparing your Motorcycle for Riding

With spring and summer conditions being felt in some parts of the country, the temptation to get the bike out and ride is certainly there.  But if your bike has been stored over the winter months, you should perform some

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