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Why Do I Need Boat Insurance? What Does It Cover?

5 minute read

It’s true that most states do not require you to carry Boat Insurance. However, your boat is a valuable asset, much like your car or recreational vehicle. So, why wouldn’t you want to protect it with insurance? Think about what would

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Buying a Boat 101

2 minute read

Buying a Watercraft is a Great Experience Whether you are buying a yacht, rowboat, power boat, canoe, jet boat, sailboat or any type of watercraft there are many things to consider. Some are obvious, but others may surprise you a

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The Basics of Watercraft Insurance

< 1 minute read

Californians are no strangers to the sun and surf, and having fun out on California waters is an incredible experience. It’s even more enjoyable when it comes with peace of mind. That’s why watercraft insurance is popular among people who

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