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How to Clean Your Charcoal or Gas Grill for a Summer BBQ

Grilling season is here, which means it’s time to give it a deep clean before inviting your family over for a summer barbeque. Having a clean charcoal or gas grill helps prevent food from sticking, keeps leftover build-up away from

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Road Trip Tips for the 4th of July

We’re about to hit the big summer holiday season once again, leaving us to wonder where the last 365 days went. The 4th of July is a great time to see some great family,chow down on delicious food, and best of

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Roadside Assistance from AIS

The open road can be a dangerous place for the ill-prepared driver. Unfortunately, many drivers who make the mistake of not preparing for a roadside emergency become stranded in a difficult situation. Luckily, a good roadside assistance plan can keep

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Life-Changing Events That Affect Auto Insurance Policies

Insurance premiums can be a finicky thing. California law prevents changes to your policy or premium mid term. However, prices can fluctuate when it comes time for renewal. Depending on what has happened to you during the year, auto-related or

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The Basics of Watercraft Insurance

Californians are no strangers to the sun and surf, and having fun out on California waters is an incredible experience. It’s even more enjoyable when it comes with peace of mind. That’s why watercraft insurance is popular among people who

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How to Have a Safe Road Trip

The busiest travel season is fast approaching, which means lots of flights, train rides, and of course: road trips. Of course, submitting an insurance claim under the duress of long range travel is one of the last things you’ll want

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Driving in Dangerous Weather

Did you know that the majority of auto accidents occur in perfect weather? It would seem adverse weather makes drivers more alert and careful while they’re on the road. Still, weather changes can make driving conditions dangerous. Use these tips

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Should I Buy Mechanical Breakdown Protection or Not?

  Did you know that on average you are ten times more likely to have a major mechanical break-down than you are to get into a car accident? To prepare for just such an event, you’d be smart to look

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Common Auto Insurance Problems and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to auto insurance, many people have had problems.  A claim was denied, renewal was more expensive, or extra options were placed in a policy that you may not have wanted.  Many of these things can be avoided

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Holiday Road Trip Checklist

It’s that time of year again; the holidays are upon us and everyone is busy planning meals, parties, family activities, shopping lists, and travel arrangements. If you’re driving this year (near or far), be sure you’re prepared for your holiday

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