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The Life Cycle of Your Car & How it Affects Auto Insurance

In the United States, having a car is just a part of life. Public transportation is limited in most places, so having your own vehicle is essential to getting where you need to go. Some people have their cars for

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Add-On Insurance Part I: Why Is Collision Insurance Important?

Many people opt to buy the most minimal amount of Car Insurance possible. Why do they do this? The answer is usually that they want to save money. It can be expensive just to pay for the minimum Car Insurance

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Collision or Comprehensive: Which California Auto Insurance Do You Need?

Life can be full of tough decisions. For your friend’s wedding, should you buy the designer-label gown, the sensibly-priced mini or should you just wear your little black dress again? Will you shell out money for the newest 4K big-screen TV, save a

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What Is Gap Insurance?

Buying a car can be both stressful and exciting. There are so many options that when you find the perfect one within your budget, there’s no better feeling. If you choose to finance your car, then there are a few

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