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What Is Gap Insurance?

    3 minute read

    Buying a car can be both stressful and exciting. There are so many options that when you find the perfect one within your budget, there’s no better feeling. If you choose to finance your car, then there are a few things you need to consider when it comes to Car Insurance. This includes the type of coverage that’s right for you and your new-to-you vehicle. Gap Insurance is an optional coverage that you should definitely considering adding to your policy. We explain what it is and why you might need it below.Read More »What Is Gap Insurance?

    The LA Auto Show!

      2 minute read

      The Los Angeles Convention Center will skip the turkey this Thanksgiving, and instead fill you up with new cars, features, and fun. The first major North American auto… Read More »The LA Auto Show!

      mechanical breakdown insurance

      Mechanical Breakdown Insurance vs. Extended Warranties

        2 minute read

        Life is full of big expenses that can put a strain on your income or savings. The worst of these are major car repairs. Unlike a fire or theft, your car is almost guaranteed to need repairs or replacement parts at some point. You just might not know when. Because repairs are so difficult to predict and plan for, you may always be worried about potential repair costs. Fortunately, you can give yourself some peace of mind with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI).Read More »Mechanical Breakdown Insurance vs. Extended Warranties