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How to Prepare for an Earthquake

3 minute read

Anyone who lives in an earthquake-prone area needs a good earthquake disaster plan and updated earthquake kit. You’ll also want to minimize damage done to your house and your belongings when it’s shaking. You should ensure that you’re able to replace anything that gets broken, too. One way to do that is to have Earthquake Insurance coverage on your Homeowners policy. You’ll have peace of mind that anything damaged in an earthquake won’t have to be paid for out of your own pocket.Read More »How to Prepare for an Earthquake

A Hoverbike? A Hoverbike. Really.

3 minute read

Ever since man began walking the earth… he has concluded that this pedestrian form of transport is simply insufficient for his desires; which is why he has always yearned to fly. Over the years, he has used his ingenuity and inventiveness to design flying machines. It began with balloons and progressed to crude airplanes. Eventually, jet airliners and personal aircraft became commonplace, as were other types of assisted flight, like hang gliding and parasailing.

HoverbikeWe bet you’ve dreamed about doing this at LEAST once.Read More »A Hoverbike? A Hoverbike. Really.

12 Signs of a Quality Insurance Company

3 minute read

If you’re looking to enroll in a health insurance policy in the U.S. and you are unable to receive coverage from an employer, you really only have a few metallically-named choices to select from. But if you are trying to purchase auto insurance, you can pick from dozens or (even hundreds) of companies, all of whom might offer you a slightly different policy. So how are you able to determine which auto insurers are trustworthy – and which are little more than fly-by-night operations?


Quality Insurance CompanyRead More »12 Signs of a Quality Insurance Company

Californians: Are You Protected From Earthquakes?

3 minute read

While the rest of the country was recovering from harsh winter weather, California is dealing with that horrifying specter which lurks just below the surface of the state (literally): earthquakes.

On the final Friday of March, La Habra residents were jolted by a 5.1-magnitude quake which displaced dozens of people from their homes. Less than two weeks earlier, a 4.4 temblor struck the Encino area and caused minor damage. And both of these events have been accompanied by foreshocks and aftershocks, leading some Californians to speculate about whether a larger earthquake is on the way.


Californians are you protected from earthquakes


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