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Why Don’t Millennials Want to Drive?

You’re sitting in the passenger seat of your mom’s car waiting for her to take you to your best friend’s house. You’re fifteen and a half. This means you can get your driver’s permit and soon you can get your

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Including a Teen Driver on Your California Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

Watching your teen drive off on their own can bring up all kinds of worries for parents. You may wonder if your teen is obeying the rules of the road or keeping their phone on silent while driving. Another worry that parents

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Report: Teen Drivers Nearly Double Auto Insurance Premiums

It’s no secret that teenage drivers are typically more dangerous than their adult counterparts. After all, when you combine their relative inexperience behind the wheel with their tendency to multitask, you have a recipe for unsafe and irresponsible driving behaviors.

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Insuring your Teen Permit Driver

My teen just got his permit.  Do I need to add him to my policy? If so when is the best time?  As always with coverage questions, it depends on the language of the policy.  If you have signed a

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Tips for Teen Drivers and Their Parents

With school back in session, there will be more inexperienced drivers on the road.  Teens that now have their driver’s license will want to drive themselves to school instead of “uncool” transportation methods such as riding the bus or being

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