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Lowering Auto Insurance Rates By Keeping Safety in Mind

“Be safe!” When you were younger, your mother or father probably said something like that to you whenever you were heading out onto the road. Back then, they probably had good reason to, given that motor vehicle accidents have long

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5 Tips for Driving with Children in the Car

Driving with children can be a huge distraction while on the road. There are certain habits you can form while driving with children. These habits may seem small and insignificant, but they can greatly improve your family’s safety on the

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Things to Keep in Your Car to Insure Safety

Considering how much time most of us spend in our car it only makes sense to prepare for an emergency situation. The following are several items you should always keep in your car to insure safety. Water Always keep a

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Winterize Your Car

Snow storms, ice storms, and freezing temperatures can make winter driving treacherous. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t get much snow or ice, colder temperatures can cause extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Getting your vehicle

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Child Car Seat Guidelines

One of the most confusing aspects of parenthood can be choosing and installing the right car seat. These important safety devices come in a myriad of styles, shapes and sizes, making it difficult for parents to determine which one is

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Should You Install a Crash-Avoidance System on your Car?

There’s a distinct advantage to purchasing a new car rather than a pre-owned one. That is, the newer vehicle will probably have more safety features than its older counterpart. Years ago, you could buy a car with optional safety features

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