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Why Does My Auto Insurance Rate Keep Increasing?

    4 minute read

    Did you check your bank statement last month and see an increase in your Auto Insurance rate? Insurance providers typically review policies at the time of renewal, which is when your rate can change for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons may be in your control, like getting a speeding ticket, moving closer to work or adding a teen driver to your policy. However, there are other factors that affect your Auto Insurance rate that may be out of your hands.Read More »Why Does My Auto Insurance Rate Keep Increasing?

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    How Is My Auto Insurance Rate Determined?

      5 minute read

      When you first purchased your Auto Insurance policy, you either spoke with an agent on the phone or received a quote online. Either way, once you saw the final number, you probably wondered how your Car Insurance rate was calculated. Besides comparing prices between different Auto Insurance companies, you may have also asked the people you know what their premium is. Why does your mom pay something different from your best friend? Why is your rate the best—or the most expensive?Read More »How Is My Auto Insurance Rate Determined?