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Auto Insurance Rates - teen daughter driving with dad

The Truth About Teen Drivers & Auto Insurance Rates

    5 minute read

    In today’s world, teenagers are masters of all things relating to smartphones, cat videos and eye rolling. However, one skill some teens struggle with is operating a motor vehicle. Yes, it’s about that time when you have to teach your teen to drive. Not only that, but you need to add them to your Auto Insurance policy. Oh, the horror. Because of your teen driver’s inexperience on the road, Auto Insurance companies charge higher insurance rates for them than they do adults. There aren’t many ways you can get around the expensive cost of insuring teen drivers. However, there are some discounts and tricks you can do to offset some of the rate increase. Read More »The Truth About Teen Drivers & Auto Insurance Rates

    What Do People Really Think About Usage-Based Auto Insurance?

      3 minute read

      Usage-based insurance is one of the biggest innovations the auto insurance industry has seen in quite some time. The question is – will it catch on with Americans?

      Here’s the idea: you place a little device (which usually plugs into a fuse port under your dashboard) in your car that reads data from your vehicle’s on-board computer. It collects information on your driving time, mileage, speed, acceleration, braking, and similar categories. This data is transmitted to the insurer, who sets your insurance rate based on your actual driving behaviors, rather than estimating it based on what your peers do. As a result, many people can potentially save a great deal of money on their auto insurance policies.

      Do American Drivers Like Usage-Based Auto Insurance?

      On paper, it sounds like a great idea. What do regular Americans think?Read More »What Do People Really Think About Usage-Based Auto Insurance?