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Cars and Auto Insurance

Got a Car Backup Camera? Unfortunately, No Insurance Discount!

    3 minute read

    Modern passenger vehicles are well-designed to help drivers avoid collisions. Sightlines are maximized, side and rear view mirrors are provided, and even blind spot sensors are installed in these vehicles.

    Although these features help motorists while the vehicle is in drive, there are still problems when the vehicle is in the reverse gear. Even if drivers use their mirrors and/or turn around to look behind them, they are still at risk of causing a collision.

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    The Cheapest (and Most Expensive) Cities for Michigan Auto Insurance

      3 minute read

      There are so many different things that make Michigan unique. Like the fact that it’s split into two parts. Or its vast expanse of forests, lakes, and rivers. Or that it’s the birthplace of Motown, the U.S. auto industry, and the Peace Corps. But if you have to get from the LP to the UP and back again, or drive anywhere along Michigan’s roads and highways, then you have to have auto insurance.

      Is Michigan Auto Insurance Expensive or Inexpensive?

      Everyone in Michigan is required to maintain basic no-fault auto insurance, which pays for injuries you sustain in an accident regardless of who is at fault. This insurance is made up of personal injury protection, property protection, and residual bodily injury/property damage liability insurance. This latter policy must have minimum limits of $20,000 bodily injury per person, $40,000 bodily injury per accident, and $10,000 property damage.

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      No Way! A Car That Cleans Itself?

        3 minute read

        There’s an undeniable truth in the U.S.: a large number of Americans simply don’t like to clean.

        As a result, countless innovations have been made in this nation that serve to mitigate or eliminate this pesky chore. It began with automatic clothes washers and dishwashers and then progressed to self-cleaning ovens and windows. There are even self-cleaning public bathrooms in some places.

        Car that cleans itself
        So perhaps this represents the next logical step in our “cleaningless” evolution: the self-cleaning car.

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        Anatomy of an Auto Insurance Fraud Scheme

          3 minute read

          You hear about the scourge of “insurance fraud” from reading the newspapers and websites like this one. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that a mind-boggling $80 billion in fraudulent insurance claims are filed in the U.S. each year. Much of these costs are passed on to consumers in the form of higher insurance premiums. For instance, the National Insurance Crime Bureau says that about $200 to $300 of your auto insurance premiums are a direct result of fraud and its related costs.

          But even though you’re aware of auto insurance fraud, you may not have a clear picture of what the term means. Chances are, you  may not have much of an idea about how this type of fraud is executed and how insurance companies lose money as a result. With that in mind, here is a close-up look at the anatomy of one auto insurance scam that was recently discovered in New Jersey.

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          The Cheapest (and Most Expensive) Cities for Illinois Auto Insurance

            3 minute read

            From bustling cities to green parks to beautiful lakes, the state of Illinois has a lot to offer its residents. But to experience all of the advantages of living in Illinois, you need a car to get around the state’s highways and roads.

            And in order to drive in the Land of Lincoln, state law requires you to have an auto insurance policy. All Illinois drivers must obtain liability insurance with at least $20,000 in per-person bodily injury coverage, $40,000 in per-incident bodily injury coverage, and $10,000 in property damage coverage. In addition, drivers must also purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance with minimum bodily injury limits of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. On average, Illinois drivers pay about $832 per year for minimum coverage.

            Is Illinois Auto Insurance Expensive or Inexpensive?


            Illinois auto insurance

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            Are You Covered if You Decline Rental Car Insurance?

              3 minute read

              These days, renting a car is easier than ever. You can make a reservation ahead of time right from your computer, and pick up your vehicle when you arrive at the rental facility.

              What may not be simple is deciding whether or not to purchase car insurance offered by the rental company. Are you covered if you say no, or should you bite the bullet and pay the extra money? This can be made more difficult if you’re stressed from being on a plane for a few hours, grabbing your checked bags off the carousel, and hauling them to the rental car place.


              Rental car insurance

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