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Top 10 Ways to Score Discounts on Your Auto Insurance

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    Guess what? Your Auto Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. There are also several discounts you may qualify for depending on your insurance provider. Are you a safe driver, good student or homeowner? If you answered yes to any of those, you can qualify for an Auto Insurance discount on your policy just by being you. All you have to do is ask your provider how! To speak with an Insurance Specialist, call (855) 919-4247.

    1. Be a “Good” Driver — Good Driver Discount

    Do you pride yourself in being a good driver because you have no at-fault accidents or driving violations on your record? Then you could qualify for some big discounts with your Car Insurance company. Every provider has a different definition of what it means to be a “good” driver. But it’s definitely worth it to see if you meet the requirements. In California, being a good driver is defined by Proposition 103. There are also additional discounts your insurer may apply on top of that. They might offer a discount for every year you meet your insurer’s expectations. Or, they might apply a discount for not having a claim or violation after a consecutive amount of years. In other words, some companies offer a “claim-free” discount that rewards drivers for not filing any accident claims over a certain period of time.

    2. Bundle Up — Multi-Vehicle Discount

    auto insurance discounts

    This discount is the easiest to qualify for if you’re a family with multiple drivers using different vehicles under one roof. Do you insure multiple cars driven by family members living in one household? If yes, your Auto Insurance company will most likely offer a discount of up to 20% when you place them all under the same policy. Another way you can get a discount is through bundling. This means choosing to bundle your Car Insurance with other lines of coverage. Combining your Auto Insurance with your Homeowners, Renters and/or Life Insurance under one policy can save you big time. Whether you’re bundling up on cars or types of insurance, you could qualify for easy savings!

    3. Add Safety Features — Vehicle Safety Equipment Discount

    There are several new safety features that have been added to cars over the past few years. These include rear cameras, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning systems and collision-avoidance systems. You may still be debating on whether or not these features are really worth it. However, with these features, you may qualify for a vehicle safety discount.

    The safety features that are most likely to qualify you for a vehicle safety equipment discount include:

    • Anti-lock brakes. This safety feature has been required by the federal government to be included as part of the standard equipment on all passenger vehicles as of 2012. Several Car Insurance companies offer a discount for this feature. Florida, New Jersey and New York actually require insurers to give a discount for anti-lock brakes.
    • Daytime running lights (Adaptive headlights). These are headlights that come on automatically when the car starts. They help to prevent daytime head-on and front-corner collisions. Most cars already have this safety feature, so you could easily qualify for a small discount with your Auto Insurance company.
    • Passive restraints. These include driver-side and passenger airbags, as well as automatic seatbelts that fasten when your car is started or the door is closed. Insurers usually offer a small discount for these safety features.
    • Anti-theft devices. Having an up-to-date alarm system on your car decreases the likelihood that it will be successfully stolen. This encourages providers to give you an Auto Insurance discount on your policy. Stolen vehicle recovery systems that help law enforcement locate your vehicle can also help you save money on your Car Insurance.

    4. Study Hard — Good Student Discount

    Some of the most expensive people to insure are new drivers in their teens and early 20’s. This is mainly because they are statistically more prone to accidents than drivers who are older and more experienced. One of the easiest ways to bring new driver rates down is seeing if they qualify for a good student discount. The driver must be under 25 years old to be eligible, as well as a full-time student in high school or college. They also must maintain a B average or above. Car Insurance providers frequently offer teen driver discounts if they have completed a driver’s education course, as well. A driver away at college could also qualify for a resident student discount if they aren’t using the insured vehicle regularly.

    5. Stay Loyal — Policy Renewal Discount

    One of the most important things to your Auto Insurance company is that you stay with them. Because Auto Insurance is a competitive business, many providers offer a customer loyalty discount or a policy renewal discount. Insurers may also provide several benefits if you renew your policy before the expiration date, especially if you’ve been a customer for a long time.

    6. Pay Your Bills — On-Time Payment Discount

    Paying your bills on time every month is another very important factor to Car Insurance providers. Consistently making your payments on time will help you avoid losing your affordable coverage or becoming uninsurable without a special high-risk, high-rate policy. Many Auto Insurance companies are also going green. Now, you can choose to receive paperless billing and make automatic online payments. Discounts for paperless billing and automatic payments are usually small, but they add up over time and can make a big difference when combined with other discounts.

    7. Work Hard — Occupational/Association Discount

    If you’re not only a safe driver, but also a “safe” worker, you may qualify for an occupational discount. There are many careers considered low-risk by insurers. Statistics show that people in certain professions often have less risky tendencies on the road.

    According to, the most common careers considered to be low-risk by Auto Insurance companies include:

    • Engineers
    • Scientists
    • Teachers/Professors
    • First Responders
    • Nurses
    • Pilots
    • Accountants

    Even if you don’t currently work in one of these positions, you may still qualify for an occupational discount if you have a degree in a low-risk occupation. Double check with your Auto Insurance provider to see what occupational discounts you might qualify for.

    8. Apply Your Wisdom — Mature Driver Discount

    auto insurance discounts

    Another year older means another year wiser. It may also be another way to save money on your Auto Insurance. Typically, people with more driving experience are less risky to insure. Depending on your provider, you may qualify for a senior discount. Insurers will look at how long you’ve been driving and take your experience into consideration. They will also look at the reduced number of miles you drive. After retirement, you probably no longer have a commute to work every day. Senior drivers over 50 years old can also qualify for additional savings by taking a defensive driving course to review driving techniques and skills.

    9. Get Involved — Association Discount

    Besides occupational discounts, there are also association discounts offered by Car Insurance companies. This discount may apply to you if you’re in your school’s alumni association, a local professional organization, an automotive club, a senior association or a credit union. Common organizations that will qualify you for a discount include AAA and AARP. Many insurance companies will also offer a discount if you’re in the military or have served in the military.

    10. Make the Investment — Homeowners Discount

    Insurance providers often reward stable, low-risk customers with discounts and savings. So, if you don’t want to bundle your car and home under the same insurance policy or company, there are still discounts you can qualify for. Auto Insurance providers view homeowners as low-risk customers. This is because these customers usually pay their bills on time and have a steady income job. Married homeowners can qualify for even bigger savings because it usually means two household incomes. That means more stability. Check with your insurance provider to see if being a homeowner saves you money on your policy.

    Speak With An Auto Insurance Specialist

    As you can see, there are many ways to qualify for discounts and enjoy big savings. More than likely, you qualify for several discounts with your Auto Insurance company and can combine them for the most savings on your policy. The longer you stay with your provider, the more discounts you’ll tend to qualify for. Want to find out what discounts are offered by your provider? Then talk to an Auto Insurance Specialist at (855) 919-4247 to find the best combination of rates, coverage and discounts for you.

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