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Unconventional and Inexpensive Summer Vacations

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    Summer StayCation

    Summertime is just around the corner, and it’s the time when most people plan their vacations. In a fantasy world everyone would have unlimited funds to take their dreams vacations. Round the world trips, exotic locales, pleasure cruises aren’t in most people’s budgets, and with the cost of flying, lodging, and eating out while on vacation it’s amazing how quickly the costs add up. In order to take the vacation you want, you might try to think outside the box a bit. Get rid of ideas of lazing the days away at an expensive boring beach resort, and try something unconventional. Here are a few excellent ideas to have a unique experience while away from home on your summer vacation.

    1. Stay-cation:
    2. You don’t have to travel anywhere far away in order to explore, the point of a staycation is to be a tourist in your own town. There are many different activities to do right in your area that you don’t even think about on a daily basis. Become a local tourist by getting a city guide to your town; furthermore, check out deals on websites like Groupon or Living Social to get amazing deals on restaurants, spas, museums, or concerts.

    3. Camping:
    4. Fancy hotels can cost a fortune, but there is an alternative to shelling out the cash. Find a beautiful campsite by your home base and reserve a spot. Sometimes, you don’t even have to buy a tent, just check around with some friends of family of yours because someone is bound to own a nice tent. You can get a really great tent, set up camp in a well known national park like Yellowstone for example for a fee of just $15 for the camp site. Bring a little Coleman stove, and make your own food for extra roughing it and cost saving.


    5. Volunteer:
    6. Many organizations offer free lodging in some very exotic locations if you volunteer to work in some way while on the trip. You just need to find the right company to sign on with and you can do so by going to Projects Abroad which is a very reputable organization founded in 1992 that has sent over 10,000 people each year overseas on service projects and internships. It’s helping your fellow man and getting a vacation out of it in the process, which is a win-win for everyone.


      What you need to keep in mind overall is that the point of a vacation isn’t how much money you spend, but to come away with as many memories and experiences as possible because those will last you a lifetime.

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