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The 5 Most Common Distracted Driving No-No’s in California

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    Distracted driving has become a common occurrence throughout the nation – from people using mobile devices to shaving or putting on make-up while driving. The result, all too often, can be car accidents.

    woman putting on makeup while driving
    We hope this car is parked.

    The Facts About Distracted Driving

    Here is the truth: even the most attentive individual is capable of falling victim to distractions, but only recently has California become aware of this phenomenon when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. Law enforcement agencies and safety advocates are taking steps to reduce distracted driving, which is a major cause of auto accidents across the Golden State.

    So what is it that is distracting California drivers? You might be surprised which activity tops the list.

    First, here are some of the distracted driving behaviors that receive an “honorable mention”:

    • Eating

    • Drinking

    • Smoking

    • Pets

    • Insects

    • Adjusting vehicle controls (like the stereo, air conditioner, etc.)

    Now it is time for the top five activities that distract American drivers. These results are based on an analysis of data collected by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, which is information compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    5. Handling items inside the vehicle. This category covers non-cell phone devices like digital music players, electric razors, books, newspapers, or other objects that were brought into the vehicle by the driver. Presumably, drivers are paying more attention to what is in their hands rather than focusing on the road in front of them.

    4. Talking with a passenger. Among distracted driving accidents, speaking with another vehicle occupant is a factor in about 1 out of every 20 incidents. Whenever a driver makes eye contact with a passenger during a conversation, attention is diverted away from driving.

    3. Rubbernecking. This behavior encompasses looking at anything outside the vehicle, such as a pedestrian, a billboard, or another auto accident. About 7 percent of distracted driving accidents fall into this category.

    2. Using a mobile device. You probably guessed this one immediately. Talking or texting on a cell phone, or emailing or surfing the web on a smart phone, is the cause of about 12 percent of distracted driving accidents. A survey taken of San Diego County residents revealed that 65 percent of respondents use a cell phone while driving, while 36 percent of them actually text and drive.

    woman daydreaming
    This is a better place for daydreaming.

    1. Daydreaming. Surprise! Despite all of today’s modern technology, the number one cause of distracted driving accidents is an activity which has been around since the dawn of time: daydreaming. A whopping 62 percent of distracted driving incidences are caused by minds that are wandering away from the roadway.

    The moral of the story is that driving is not a passive activity; you must maintain total concentration at all times while behind the wheel. Even if you do not cause an accident, distracted driving is a ticket-able offense in California.

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