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California Boat Owners Insurance

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    If you think about your boat as a car you drive on the water, it’s much easier to understand why boat owners insurance is so important. Just like your car, your boat is an expensive investment that you want to protect. Also like your car, you use your boat to get around and you must do so while being aware of applicable laws and other boaters. Even though boats and cars are very different, you’ll find that they share a lot of the same risks that should be insured against.

    AIS shops for the best rates on three general types of boat owners insurance:

    Damage – a little experience or a boater’s class should prepare you to handle most dangers of the open sea. However, accidents happen – and when they happen on a boat, the resulting damage could be very expensive. If you insure your boat against damage, you can be covered for:

    • Sinking
    • Capsizing
    • Fire
    • Theft
    • And more

    In addition to the actual vessel, damage policies typically cover furniture, sails, machinery, and other boat fixtures.

    Liability – Most boaters don’t hit the open water alone. It’s common to bring along friends and/or family. A liability policy (which is usually bundled with a damage policy) can protect your passengers or other boaters in the event of accident and/or cover the costs of an accident for which you are at fault.

    Uninsured Boaters – Just like uninsured motorist coverage for your car, uninsured boaters coverage protects you in case another boater gets into an accident with you and does not have sufficient liability insurance.

    For more information about insuring your boat, contact AIS for coverage information and price quotes.

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