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Image of a golden yellow dog sitting inside a car with a harness.

How to Drive with a Pet

    2 minute read

    If you’re considering taking the whole family – including the furry members – for a road trip, you must remember to take the appropriate safety precautions when transporting your pets.

    Usually, a trip in the family car, long or short, can cause a great deal of “excitement” for some pets. This can become a dangerous distraction for the driver and dangerous for a rambunctious pet in a moving vehicle. Before setting out on a trip with your pet, be sure to follow these tips:

    • Restrain your pet – This is perhaps the most important tip because it keeps your pet from sitting in your lap or obstructing your vision. If you can, use a pet-specific seatbelt or a crate to keep your pet in one spot. If a seatbelt or crate is not available, try to travel with another person who can hold, distract, or otherwise keep your pet calm while you drive.
    • Use a pet barrier – For larger dogs that don’t fit into a crate or seatbelt, barriers are available to fit your make of vehicle. These barriers will keep your dog out of your driving space and keep you from being distracted.
    • Drive defensively – Your pet will appreciate a smooth ride. Take turns carefully and avoid abrupt stops. Slow down and keep a close eye on the other cars driving around you.

     Following these tips will help keep you and your pet safe on your next road trip or during your next visit to the vet!

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