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Heating Safety Tips for Winter

    2 minute read

    Winter is here, and many families are cranking up the thermostats to keep warm indoors. Unfortunately, because of the increased use of heating equipment, the winter season tends to show an increase in house fires nationwide. During these chilly months, follow these tips to stay safe and warm in your home.

    Have an escape plan – Hold a family meeting and set routes to escape your house in case of fire. Fire may block areas of your house, so plan at least two escape routes and practice them with your family.

    Get your heating unit inspected – Because it has been so long since you last used it, you should have your heating unit inspected to make sure it is working properly. Make sure all vents are clear and that all gas lines are fitted properly with no leaks.

    Use heat sources with caution – Space heaters are a leading cause of home fires. Follow all package instructions and make sure to keep in well ventilated areas away from curtains, drapes, or other flammable material. If using a fireplace or wood stove, monitor the fire carefully.

    Install and maintain smoke detectors – a large number of fires start while you are asleep. The warnings from a smoke alarm can make all the difference when it comes to a safe escape, so make sure they are installed throughout your home. Afterward, test them every six months to ensure they are working properly and that their batteries are fully charged.

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