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If a Tree Falls on My House or Car, am I Covered?

    2 minute read


    California sure has a wide variety of weather patterns.  High winds or torrential rains can topple a tree like a toddler knocking down Lego blocks.  What happens when your neighbor’s tree comes crashing down on your roof?  Who pays to have the damage repaired?

    Here’s the easy answer.  No matter where the tree came from (whether from your yard or your neighbor’s) your insurance company should cover the damage. 

    There is an exception to this rule and that is if the damage is a result of your neighbor’s negligence.  Let’s say your neighbor’s tree was rotting, dead and a risk. If you can prove your neighbor knew it was problematic, then it’s likely the damage becomes your neighbor’s insurance company’s responsibility.

    There are a few other things you should know.  If a tree falls into your yard and does not damage anything but results in a huge mess, most of the time, you as a homeowner are responsible for costs associated with clean-up.  If your tree does, in fact, cause property damage covered by your homeowner policy then they will pay for its removal.  Damages to your trees and shrubs are covered due to losses from vandalism, theft and fire but not storm damages.

    If your tree or your neighbor’s tree falls on your car, the comprehensive coverage section of your auto policy will typically pay for the repairs.  

    The smartest thing that you can do if any of this happens to you is to file a claim with your own insurance company.  They are experts in this area and will know exactly how to deal with it. At Auto Insurance Specialists we can help with all of your California Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance needs to ensure that you have the coverage right for you.

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