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When Driving a Friends Car, Am I Covered Under My Insurance or Theirs?

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    In some cases, we let family members or friends borrow our car. In others, we may be the ones who are doing the borrowing.  Whose insurance will cover an accident or damage?  As always, it will depend on your specific policy and state, but below are a few general guidelines you can follow.  If you are unsure, it is always best to consult with your insurance agency or coverage provider.

    In California, coverage follows the vehicle.  In most cases, the primary insurance will be the policy that is purchased for the specific car, even if you loan it to someone else.  If you borrow someone else’s vehicle, their policy should pay first.  Your own coverage is “secondary” or excess, and typically applies only if the primary insurance is insufficient to cover the loss.

    When you are purchasing a policy, you should ask your provider about this situation.  They may also advise you of ways to protect yourself.  In most cases, in order for another driver to be covered, they must have permission to drive your vehicle to be covered. Also, if there are drivers that you don’t want to have driving your car, you can have them excluded from your policy so they don’t have coverage.

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