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Tips on Finding an Auto Insurance Agency or Broker

    2 minute read

     Once you’ve done your research and have found an auto insurance company that you feel is right for you, you’ve likely reached the point where you want to speak to a company representative.  What are some of the best ways of getting in touch with an auto insurance agency?  Here are some tips to help you find an agency in your area.

    • Call the company directly.  For example, at the State of California’s Department of Insurance website, the contact information for a number of auto insurance companies is provided on their “Toll Free Numbers” page.  Additionally, your Yellow Pages can also provide you with contact information for local agencies and/or brokerages.
    • Check the company’s website.  Just as in the example above, the Internet can offer many ways to access information.  Check the website of the auto insurance company you are interested in for local agency and/or broker contacts.
    • Check with an agency or brokerage association.  There are a large number of  associations across the United States.  Either the Internet or your Yellow Pages can help you find an agency or broker association who can help you locate a local auto insurance broker or agency.

    Finding an auto insurance company doesn’t end with speaking to one over the telephone.  It is very important to check their license status before you make a final decision.  You can use either the representative’s name or insurance license number to find out their licensing history – this is especially easy with the California Department of Insurance.  Their website features a way in which you can perform a license status inquiry.  You can get an agency or broker’s insurance license number from the broker or agency’s business card and do a search by that number.

    By doing your comparison research before hand, finding out information on an auto insurance agency or broker using the Internet, and in speaking with a representative over the telephone, you can help to ensure that you find the right auto insurance specialist for you.

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