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Celebrate Safely: 4th of July Safety Tips

The 4th of July is quickly approaching and families are gearing up for their barbecues and picnics. While you may begin to think about the fireworks and festivities, it is important to also remember safety precautions for the celebration. Following

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How to Create An Ideal Emergency Plan

Natural and man-made disasters can occur at any time and usually with little or no warning. Preparation is key to protecting your family and your personal property. Waiting to create an emergency preparedness plan could affect your physical safety and

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Fireplace Safety

Your fireplace adds warmth and beauty but is potentially dangerous if you fail to exercise necessary safety precautions. Burns and illnesses are examples of safety risks related to in-house fireplaces. Exercise proper safety measures, and your fireplace will likely bring

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Car Ride Safety Tips for Pets

Whether your family is driving across the country to visit relatives for the holidays or you’re simply driving across town to the vet, you’ll most likely have to bring your dog or cat along for the ride at some point.

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Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle

Few words can describe the rush and freedom of cruising down the road on a motorcycle. However, not just anyone can hop on and start riding. You can’t legally ride a motorbike on public roads without having a motorcycle license

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Know More About Your Car’s Gas Tank

While filling up the gas tank is something that most people do frequently, there are some real risks involved in this task. To ensure your safety it’s critical to follow the property procedures. We suggest following these safety and efficiency

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Preparing your Motorcycle for Riding

With spring and summer conditions being felt in some parts of the country, the temptation to get the bike out and ride is certainly there.  But if your bike has been stored over the winter months, you should perform some

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