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Preparing your Motorcycle for Riding

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    With spring and summer conditions being felt in some parts of the country, the temptation to get the bike out and ride is certainly there.  But if your bike has been stored over the winter months, you should perform some safety checks and routine maintenance before you hit the open road.  Here are a few things that you should do before you go.

    • Check tire pressure.  When not being used, tires can “leak” air making them soft and less responsive.  Fill your tires to the manufacturers recommended level for the best performance and safety.

    •  Ensure all electronics and features are working properly.  Check brakes, clutch, lights and turning signals to be sure they are all in working order.

    •  Warm up your bike. Before heading out, start your motorcycle and let it run for a few moments.  After it is warm, shut it off and check the oil.  If it is low, add more.

    •   After the warm up, check for leaks around seals and hoses.

    If you notice any problems, make sure they are addressed before you go for a ride.

    The most important aspect of safety before you hit the road is making sure that your motorcycle insurance is up to date.  Many leave their bike uninsured while it is stored, so it is important to renew your policy to make sure you and those around you are protected while you ride.

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