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Do Auto Insurance Premiums Ever Drop?

We all know that auto insurance rates have a tendency to go up, right? If you started driving as a teen and paid any of your own insurance costs, you’re already aware that insurance can be expensive. Make a single

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It’s Good to Be Rich: Why Wealthy Drivers May Have Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Man, it’s tough to be wealthy these days. Rich folks have to pay higher property prices in order to live in the toniest neighborhoods. Because they have an image to protect, these affluent individuals must also dress in expensive designer clothing

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5 Safety Tips That Lower Your California Auto Insurance

Your friends love to poke a little good-natured fun at you for being overly concerned about safety. You’re that person who always parks your car at the far end of the parking lot and owns one of those “club” anti-theft

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California Auto Insurance: The Story Behind the New, Lower Rates

Here’s some great news: Just when we can all use it the most, more money is going into your pocket. That’s because insuring your car just got cheaper. In California, auto insurance rates have dropped. According to one website’s study,

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