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California Auto Insurance: The Story Behind the New, Lower Rates

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    Here’s some great news: Just when we can all use it the most, more money is going into your pocket. That’s because insuring your car just got cheaper. In California, auto insurance rates have dropped. According to one website’s study, the average rate for car insurance in our state is 11% lower than it was in 2010. And get this, 2010 was 22% lower than 2009.

    What that means, is you will want to check with us for a new quote. You could save hundreds of dollars! You’ll also be happy to hear that on average, here in California, we are paying nearly $300 less for auto insurance than most Americans.

    Why the big decline? California insurance companies are coming into compliance with a state law that alters the way they figure your premiums. Before the law changed, insurers heavily weighted where you were driving your car. For example, you would be charged more if your commute took you through L.A. traffic versus the much quieter Palm Springs.

    The new law requires car insurance companies to emphasize the number of miles a car is driven, the age of the vehicle and your driving record when computing your quote. The place where you drive is still a consideration but now it is not one of the top factors.

    So take a few minutes and let us run a quote for you. Chances are, your insurance premiums are going to look a lot more attractive.

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