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5 Things That Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Finding the best auto insurance rates can seem like a challenge. You might have been quoted one rate while a friend or loved one tells you that they’re paying something completely different. While it may not seem fair on the

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Will Ride-Sharing Companies Drive up Auto Insurance Rates for Everybody?

Transportation network companies, also known as TNCs or ride-sharing companies, are popping up in more cities across the U.S. With names like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, these entities allow a person to set up and pay for a ride using

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Auto Insurance: Switching Providers

It seems rarely a week goes by that you don’t either get a letter in the mail or hear an ad on TV telling you how much money you can save if you switch auto insurance. How do you know

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California Auto Insurance to get More Eco-Friendly and Cheaper?

 On August 28th, California Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner laid out the groundwork for greener auto insurance options. The new greener options also may reduce premiums. Insurance Commissioner Poizner unveiled last week his Pay as you drive, green insurance option. The

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What Factors Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

 There are many factors that auto insurance companies take into consideration when determining your auto insurance premium. The way in which you meet these criteria can have a positive or negative impact on the amount you pay. Some of these

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