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Auto Insurance: Switching Providers

    2 minute read

    It seems rarely a week goes by that you don’t either get a letter in the mail or hear an ad on TV telling you how much money you can save if you switch auto insurance. How do you know if you should switch and how can you find the best “fit” for you? Auto Insurance Specialists can help you easily and conveniently shop for California auto insurance and find the best price from a variety of carriers. Here are a few things to keep in mind while browsing.

    First off, it shouldn’t all come down to money. If you switch, you want to make sure you are getting comparable coverage and service. A few dollars saved might not be worth giving up some of your coverage or great customer service. However, if you’ve had a bad experience with your current insurer and don’t feel your needs are being met, it is time to shop for a better company.

    Auto Insurance Specialists can get you a quote from dozens of California auto insurance carriers in minutes either online or on the telephone. With some basic information like your driving record, gender, years of experience, make and model of your car, etc., we can help find the right carrier and rate for you.

    Finally, and this is important. If you do switch, do not cancel your current policy until your new one is up and running. You don’t want to take the risk of going without coverage, even for a day! You’ll need to make sure you notify your old company that you are terminating coverage. Don’t assume they’ll get the idea if you fail to send in the next payment. If you fail to pay, especially without any prior notice, you could find yourself facing bad credit, extra fees and a more difficult time in the future when you try and obtain auto insurance from other companies.

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