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4 Surprising Services Offered By AIS

    2 minute read

    AIS started out providing Auto Insurance to customers in California. Due to hard work and and excellent customer service, we expanded not only our services, but also our range. AIS provides a variety of insurance coverage to customers nationwide. Our goal is to meet your insurance needs every day while offering low rates and competitive prices from a variety of trusted carriers. You can find information about all of AIS services and products online quickly and easily here.Read More »4 Surprising Services Offered By AIS

    driving to mexico

    Driving to Mexico from California: Travel Checklist

      2 minute read

      If you’re planning on driving to Mexico from California for the first time, it’s important to be prepared. Remember that while essentials like itineraries, maps, identification, etc. should be on your checklist, one of the most important necessities while driving in Mexico is Car Insurance. In case you didn’t know, you are required to have Mexico Auto Insurance to legally drive in the country. This is because the Mexican government does not recognize U.S. Auto Insurance. We’ll talk about this more below and also help ensure that you don’t forget anything else you may need while driving to Mexico.Read More »Driving to Mexico from California: Travel Checklist