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Prevent Package Theft with These Home Security Tips

4 minute read

With the holiday season quickly approaching, online shopping is appealing to more people as a safer and convenient alternative to going to stores. But with more deliveries to your front door, preying porch pirates are taking the opportunity to snatch

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My House Got Broken Into – Now What?

5 minute read

It’s terrifying to realize you’ve been robbed. You probably worry that you’re in imminent danger as soon as you find out. In fact, you very well may be. However, in most cases after a home has been robbed, the thief is

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Smart Homes: Has the Future Already Arrived?

5 minute read

Only a year ago, the thought of locking up your home (or unlocking it) remotely seemed like something out of the future. Now, people are even controlling their temperature and watching footage of their homes while they’re away. It really

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