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auto safety

3 Ways to Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

    3 minute read

    It’s finally that time when your teen is ready to get their driver’s license. Even though it can be scary think about your child navigating themselves on the road, there are a few things you can do to help ensure teen safety. Of course, there are the basic driver’s education classes that most young drivers are required to take that help with this topic of teen safety. In addition to that, we’ve compiled a list of three steps to take in order to keep your teenager safe while driving.Read More »3 Ways to Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

    The Many Benefits of Roundabouts

      2 minute read

      There are a number of ways to control the flow of traffic in busy areas. The traffic light and four-way stop sign are probably the most well known. But there is another option offers many benefits, too. This option is the roundabout. If you have not driven through one frequently, you may not realize exactly how beneficial these intersections are. Consider the following reasons why roundabouts are a good option for many high-traffic areas.Read More »The Many Benefits of Roundabouts