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Get Ready for the Great California ShakeOut

4 minute read

It’s the 11th anniversary of the Great California ShakeOut, which takes place this year on October 17th at 10:17 A.M! Everyone is encouraged to participate in this earthquake drill, whether you’re at home, work or school. The main goal of the ShakeOut is to make sure Californians are prepared in case of a major earthquake. Below, you’ll find more information on the event and important earthquake-safety tips.Read More »Get Ready for the Great California ShakeOut

Does My Roommate Need Renters Insurance?

3 minute read

If you just started attending college then you may have moved out of your home and into an apartment located closer to campus. That also likely means that you moved in with a roommate or even several. Or, maybe you recently graduated from a university and moved in with fellow graduates to a new city where you’re starting a new job. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to carry Renters Insurance. This type of coverage provides you with financial protection and usually doesn’t cost that much.Read More »Does My Roommate Need Renters Insurance?

How Does Earthquake Insurance Work In California?

5 minute read

After the recent Ridgecrest, California earthquakes, there has been a lot of buzz about “the big one” coming and how that will affect Southern Californian residents’ Earthquake Insurance rates. Whether you already have Earthquake Insurance coverage on your Homeowners policy or if you are looking to add it now, you should know that rates are predicted to change significantly.Read More »How Does Earthquake Insurance Work In California?

should i buy a fixer upper

Homeowners Insurance: Should I Buy A Fixer-Upper?

5 minute read

Have you ever heard of house-flipping? It’s a new trend for people to buy homes that are in bad shape but located in popular areas, and then “flip” them into modern homes that can be sold at a high profit. You may have heard of Joanna Gaines from the popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper. Her and her husband, Chip Gaines, became famous for flipping fixer-upper houses in Waco, Texas and making them into beautiful homes that any couple or family would want to live in.Read More »Homeowners Insurance: Should I Buy A Fixer-Upper?