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The Best Way to Get a Car Insurance Quote as a Young Driver

    2 minute read

    Becoming an adult means taking on an overwhelming amount of new responsibilities that include things like feeding yourself three times a day, paying your own rent, and making payments for your car insurance on time every month. You’re probably also working, going to school, and still attempting to have some sort of social life.

    “Adulting” is hard. Lucky for us 20-something-year-olds, AIS makes it easier.

    AIS Car Insurance

    While paying for your own gas, oil change, and smog check may be some of the scarier responsibilities you’ll have to take on for yourself, paying for your own car insurance seems like an even more terrifying step into the world of adulthood than it actually is.

    In fact, getting a car insurance quote isn’t nearly as complicated as it appears. For starters, there’s two ways to do it. The first and easiest way (especially if you’re a millennial like me) is to just go online. is a great place to start because they will compare a ton of auto insurance companies and prices together so you don’t have to.

    The online form asks for five sets of basic information:

    1. Your name and contact information
    2. The type of vehicle you have and want to insure
    3. Who the primary drivers are and some more in-depth information about them
    4. Any incidents you’ve had in the last five years
    5. Your current residence

    All of these are pretty simple questions to answer as long as you know exactly what type of car you have, or even better, if you know the VIN of your car (which of course, I don’t). The process takes about five minutes and ends with a long list of quotes from many different insurance companies, along with the cost of monthly payments, various coverage options, and more specific details of each quote package. They even list your quotes in order from least to most expensive.

    The only catch? You do still have to call an AIS service representative to purchase a policy. However, the online process makes buying insurance much faster.

    On the other hand, you can always choose the second option and get a quote in person. I also went through this process to see the difference.

    Since most people do everything online or over the phone nowadays, it wasn’t long before I sat down with a service rep, a nice and informative woman named Claudia. Most of the questions she asked were the same as the online process, just more in-depth. Claudia asked whether or not my car was currently insured, if I wanted a 6-month or annual quote, if I wanted to start the insurance immediately, what my driver’s license number was, if the vehicle was owned or leased, what the mileage was on my car, and if I had health insurance or not.

    She then explained the different discounts I’m eligible for as a full-time student with good grades, and described the different coverage packages being offered to me before recommending the best one. I learned that age, vehicle type, and driver experience are the factors insurance companies weigh most heavily. Claudia made sure I understood everything I would be getting with each quote and that I knew exactly what I would be paying for.

    While it may be initially overwhelming or scary to choose your own auto insurance plan and start paying for it yourself every month, it’s not all that complicated. Whether you go online or visit in person, AIS makes it simple, easy, and not so terrifying.

    Sometimes, being an adult isn’t that hard after all.