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5 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

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    St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that most people like to celebrate, but doesn’t take nearly as much time or effort as Christmas or Thanksgiving. In the Irish spirit, AIS has compiled a list of 5 fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions to do with your children during this holiday.

    The Meal:

    The first is to enjoy a traditional Irish meal. Prepare some corned beef, cabbage, and roasted carrots in the Crock Pot. As a side dish, you can also enjoy some bread and butter and some pistachio pudding for dessert. It is a tasty and festive meal the whole family will enjoy.

    The Alternative Meal:

    If you have picky eaters in the house and will not enjoy a traditional Irish dish, your family can enjoy a green feast, where every thing is green. Try for green Jell-O, grapes, green apples, broccoli and dip, guacamole and chips, and of course, green juice.


    The Hunt:

    Do you remember how much your kids love Easter egg hunts? Well there is an Irish version of that activity. Buy some gold coins at a dollar store, hide them around your house, and your children can trade them in for small gifts or prizes after the hunt.

    The History:

    St. Patrick’s Day is a great time for a history lesson– check out the Internet or your local library, and compile a few facts about the holiday, how it formed, and what St. Patrick is famous for.


    The Trap:

    This is where your kid’s imaginations can run wild. Have them create a plan and strategy to catch a leprechaun, complete with ideas for leprechaun bait. If your children do not succeed in catching one, then leave behind some gold coins and tell them they will have better luck next year.

    This fun holiday can be one to enjoy on a low budget as well as being high on the imagination. What ideas do you have for activities?

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